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Let's Know the Myriad Benefits of Taro for Health

Not only tastes delicious to eat, it turns out that the health benefits of taro are so abundant. This is thanks to the nutritional content in taro which makes it one of the good foods consumed daily. Taro is a type of tuber that grows in mainland Africa, America and Asia. In Indonesia, the plant called Latin Colocasia esculenta is a plant that can be transformed into a variety of delicious-tasting foods, such as sponge, chips, compote, bubble tea, to ice mix. Behind its flavor, taro also holds a myriad of health benefits. Want to know what are the benefits of taro? Check out the following explanation. Nutrient Content Important In Taro In a serving of taro (about 150 grams) that has been cooked, you can get: 150 - 200 calories 5-7 grams of fiber Around 4 grams of protein 150 - 170 mg of calcium 450 - 600 mg of potassium 30-50 mg of magnesium 60 - 70 mg of phosphorus Not only that, taro is also enriched with antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitam
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Sleep Deprivation After Childbirth, This Impact You Can Experience

After giving birth, undergoing the role of a mother is not an easy matter. Mother is demanded to be able to always be ready, whenever the Little One needs, and not infrequently this will actually make you become sleep deprived. When giving birth, it is only natural that you feel stressed, depressed, and also exhausted from this new routine. How come? Now all the activities that Mother does are completely limited because they have to take care of the baby. What are the effects of lack of sleep after childbirth? While in the womb, your child may only be able to kick it when feeling uncomfortable or just changing positions. Another case after birth, he could be fussy and cry loudly, even though Mother was overwhelming sleepy. As a result, you become sleep deprived and this can disturb your days. Sleep deprivation is not a trivial matter. Some of the negative effects that you can feel from lack of sleep after giving birth are: 1. Lack of focus Lack of sleep can cause Mother to bec

Conditions That Require ICU Space and Equipment Inside

The ICU or Intensive Care Unit is a special room provided by the hospital to treat patients with serious illnesses or injuries. To help restore the patient's condition, the ICU room is equipped with special medical equipment. During their stay in the ICU, the patient will be monitored 24 hours a day by doctors, nurses and specialized staff from competent hospitals. To help monitor the patient's condition in more detail, patients will be connected to medical equipment through a hose or cable. When should the patient enter the ICU? When a patient has to be treated in the ICU is unpredictable. But in many cases that occur, patients need to be referred to the ICU because their health conditions suddenly deteriorate or suffer from malfunctioning of organs. For example, they cannot breathe properly because their lungs have problems. In addition there are several other conditions that make patients have to enter the ICU, including: Severe accidents, such as suffering burns or